Tapioca for breakfast

The Jeri Routine

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***Don’t forget to scroll below the galleries to see a few video clips! Over 24 months of my life has been spent in Jericoacoara. Why so much? I love both the daily routine Jeri life, and the other attractions the town and surrounding area offer. A routine day is wake-up, breakfast, windsurf, lunch, windsurf, dinner, […]

Morning testing of a 2018 Sailworks Revolution 4.7 at the Hood River Event Site

Storms and Fires

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It’s not due to lack of content that I haven’t had a blog update for a month now. So what’s been keeping me away from sitting down and and opening the laptop? Firing winds, forest fires, coast trips, sick days, mountain biking, chasing Jose, flying to Germany and forgetting my password. …just kidding about the […]

Bruce Peterson and Phil Soltysiak Finners vs Foilers fun. Photo by Karel Tyc.

2017 US Nationals

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After the Fuerteventura PWA World Cup I flew into Portland, somehow getting away with checking in all my board bags for free, and drove down for the US Nationals which were held on the East side of San Francisco Bay, at a launch called Berkeley Marina. The US Nationals consist of 3 disciplines, course racing, […]

Soltysiak Shaka coming into the beach. Photo by PWA/Carter

13th at PWA Fuerte

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After 5 days of competition and a full double elimination I managed to finish the PWA Fuerteventura Grand Slam in 13th place. This past week Fuerte delivered some of the best conditions we’ve ever had. The wind was blowing over 30 knots side to side-off. The tides were extreme, flooding the lagoon and even the […]

Philip Soltysiak take-off at the 2017 IWT Gorge Beach Bash windsurfing event. Photo by Bob Stawicki.

Rio Vista, Whales, Hood River

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40 degree heat and dry camping are not the best combination. Luckily the Sacramento River off Sherman Island was refreshing enough to keep the Rio Vista Grand Slam competitors cool during the event July 15th – 18th. On the first day we ran 5 slalom races on 8.6m sails. Diony Guadagnino from Venezuela dominated winning […]

The Pro Men Podium at the IWT Pistol River Wave Bash, L to R me, Boujmaa, Morgan, Russ.

IWT Pistol and Coastal Times

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It was my birthday 2 weeks ago and I celebrated by completing my best workout of the year and most skillful negotiation; I dragged 6 checked bags through airports, and convinced the check-in girl it was only 2 sets of windsurf gear. I paid $300CAD for my excess luggage, for those of you not well […]

Experiences on media trips.

No trip is created equal

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People often ask me “Where are you off to next?”. it’s an easy question and I often reply with a simple answer. However, I often find myself feeling guilty for replying solely with the name of a destination, it feels too shallow. When I plan travel, pack my bags, check-in and set foot on the […]

The windsurf life! Chilling with Yentel Caers and Antony Ruenes. Photo by Flo Ragossnig

Cape Town Times

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I’m not much of a tourist. Spending 2 months in Cape Town I only went on 3 hikes and wine tasting once. However, I did drive 7000km to windsurf and occasionally sup-surf 16 different spots. To give you an idea here is a map where I marked all the spots we windsurfed with a red […]