Tapioca for breakfast

The Jeri Routine

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***Don’t forget to scroll below the galleries to see a few video clips! Over 24 months of my life has been spent in Jericoacoara. Why so much? I love both the daily routine Jeri life, and the other attractions the town and surrounding area offer. A routine day is wake-up, breakfast, windsurf, lunch, windsurf, dinner, […]

The windsurf life! Chilling with Yentel Caers and Antony Ruenes. Photo by Flo Ragossnig

Cape Town Times

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I’m not much of a tourist. Spending 2 months in Cape Town I only went on 3 hikes and wine tasting once. However, I did drive 7000km to windsurf and occasionally sup-surf 16 different spots. To give you an idea here is a map where I marked all the spots we windsurfed with a red […]

Heading to the water at Melkbos on a busy day - photo by Ryan Allderman

2017 is on!

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I’m seriously stoked on how my 2016 shaped up, and if the first few adventures of 2017 are a sign of things to come, it will be another epic year…less the car accident I’ll probably get into! This driving on the left and sitting on the right thing here in Cape Town is from another […]

The sun goes down at Sauble Beach

3 Weeks at Home

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Although generally the fall is decent for windsurfing in Southern Ontario, these last couple weeks have been below average. I still managed to squeeze in 5 days of windsurfing at some of the classic spots around here including: Sherkston Shores on Lake Erie, the Toronto Windsurfing Club at Cherry Beach on Lake Ontario, and both […]

Backlooping at the Hatchery - photo by Brian Sprout - rider Phil Soltysiak

End of Summer

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Or is it?… I just got home to Toronto from 4 weeks of chasing wind up and down the Columbia River Gorge and it’s probably the hottest day I’ve experienced all summer – 42 degrees here in Canada! That’s 107.6 Fahrenheit in American 😉 Four weeks is my record  for how long I stayed in Hood […]

Phil Soltysiak CAN 9 zoomed in windsurfing action at the Canadian Hole, Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. Photo by Makani Fins.

Spring in Hatteras

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Cape Hatteras was erased off my calendar last year due to the last-minute PWA Leucate event being on the same date. Thankfully this year there was no such problem, and I enjoyed two weeks of incredible windsurfing, SUP surfing, and even squeezed in two tennis matches with my brother on the only two windless days. […]

Sunrise on the El Yaque Mountain Biking trails

Off Water Training

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What do I do to stay in shape besides windsurfing? A change in the weather pattern lead to a week of lighter wind, even a couple of days without wind at all here on Isla Margarita. It was nice to rest a couple of days after the relentless last 2 months. Relentless windsurfing, but also […]