Tapioca for breakfast

The Jeri Routine

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***Don’t forget to scroll below the galleries to see a few video clips! Over 24 months of my life has been spent in Jericoacoara. Why so much? I love both the daily routine Jeri life, and the other attractions the town and surrounding area offer. A routine day is wake-up, breakfast, windsurf, lunch, windsurf, dinner, […]

Morning testing of a 2018 Sailworks Revolution 4.7 at the Hood River Event Site

Storms and Fires

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It’s not due to lack of content that I haven’t had a blog update for a month now. So what’s been keeping me away from sitting down and and opening the laptop? Firing winds, forest fires, coast trips, sick days, mountain biking, chasing Jose, flying to Germany and forgetting my password. …just kidding about the […]

The Pro Men Podium at the IWT Pistol River Wave Bash, L to R me, Boujmaa, Morgan, Russ.

IWT Pistol and Coastal Times

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It was my birthday 2 weeks ago and I celebrated by completing my best workout of the year and most skillful negotiation; I dragged 6 checked bags through airports, and convinced the check-in girl it was only 2 sets of windsurf gear. I paid $300CAD for my excess luggage, for those of you not well […]

The windsurf life! Chilling with Yentel Caers and Antony Ruenes. Photo by Flo Ragossnig

Cape Town Times

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I’m not much of a tourist. Spending 2 months in Cape Town I only went on 3 hikes and wine tasting once. However, I did drive 7000km to windsurf and occasionally sup-surf 16 different spots. To give you an idea here is a map where I marked all the spots we windsurfed with a red […]

Kono on Rietvlei - Photo by Kiril Umrikhin

Classic Cape Town

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The wind blows nearly every day in the Cape Town area. Most days it’s a matter of looking out the window to know what the wind’s going to do, while others take serious meteorological analysis to know where to invest your gas money. Here is what one of the more common windsurfing days in Cape […]

Heading to the water at Melkbos on a busy day - photo by Ryan Allderman

2017 is on!

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I’m seriously stoked on how my 2016 shaped up, and if the first few adventures of 2017 are a sign of things to come, it will be another epic year…less the car accident I’ll probably get into! This driving on the left and sitting on the right thing here in Cape Town is from another […]

Phil Soltysiak Backloop at Praia de Malhada - photo by Winnie Pix

Secrets of Jeri

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So we continue with the eat, sleep, windsurf theme of my blog. After all that’s pretty much all I do. So in this post you’ll read about bakeries, what I do when I should be sleeping in Jeri, and I’ll even squeeze in a bit about windsurfing. Food secrets – bakeries!!! There are numerous bakeries […]

Caju fruit ready to be eaten in the equipment storage at Club Ventos.

4 Jeri Foods

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My top 4 Jeri Foods: Kiwiroska, Abacaxiroska, Maracujaroska and Caipirinhas. No…just kidding ;-)… Every person organizes their life priorities differently – some opt for party, sleep, windsurf, eat, others for eat, sleep, party, windsurf. I prioritize eating, and as good as the windsurfing and nightlife is in Jeri, I return every year looking forward to the food. […]